ARCHITECTure and the EMirates


Iconic Architectural landmarks are an essential element of UAE’s International identity. They have helped put UAE on the Map with superlatives like biggest and tallest, and have won the appreciation of  many around the world. Initially introducing a new architectural language to the region and with time creating a unique one that is both very International yet very specific to UAE.

UAE has grown over the years in many ways and cemented its position on the world map. There have been several contributing factors that have accelerated this forming of a Global Footprint. One such key factor has been Architecture.

Since architecture is an iconic part of the country's identity and character, an integral part of its daily life and urban experience it is the perfect environment to activate a global platform for its celebration and academic exploration. This rapid urban growth and these architectural icons are unique to the region and we aim to create more events for the local experience of these urban/spatial conditions while activating academic discourse around the discipline of architecture and design as they are discussed, expressed and executed around the globe. 

These Events, Explorations, and discussions while beautifully complimenting these icons, will seamlessly fit into a highly dynamic cultural and art conscious program of initiatives in the UAE and align with efforts of understanding and preserving its cultural heritage. At the same time initiating an organic architectural exchange with the rest of the world.