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Architecture engages a culture’s deepest social values and expresses them in material, aesthetic form.


Mapping Production is a week long Program being held from 10th – 18th June 2017 at Alserkal Avenue. ARCHITECTEM is invested in delivering academically driven Programs to the architecture and design community with the aim of enriching the Architectural fabric of Dubai.

Drawing inspiration from Al Quoz, the Mapping Production Program is composed of two parts:

a.Dialogues Series, and

b. Mapping Workshop.

Mapping Production will be a ground for research, learning, networking and mentoring between academics and students from different architecture programs, and professionally practicing architects in the UAE. We are especially interested in the observations and dialogue that will arise within and from the workshop.

— Mapping Production Catalogue


Architecture is a technical answer to a question that’s not technical at all, but rather is historical and social. The study of architecture is the study of human thought and human history. This is about the architectural imagination. It’s how to think about architecture, but it’s also about architecture as a mode of thought.


The Dialogues will focus on tools that influence, orchestrate and, construct the design process. Leading academics and professionals will discuss Digital, Analogue and Mechanical tools as applied in the creative processes and Spatial tools as host for cultural production. This references the selection of Al Quoz and specifically Alserkal as the Program host. The aim is to steer away from the common misconception that architecture only exists within towers of steel and glass and shed light on the broader discourse of the discipline.

Dialogues are free and open to the public. Please RSVP at


The Mapping Workshop will cater to students, recent graduates, and young professionals in the field of Architecture. Following the Dialogues, we will further explore and dissect tools of architectural production.  Guided by Instructors, participants will create mapping constructs to be displayed at Alserkal Avenue and archived in the workshop catalogue.  The workshop itself will become an instrument for researching the context of Al Quoz.  The workshop catalogue as seen above is an expanding document where the gathered research will be archived.

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION :: Participation is free, but strictly by registration.To register write to with your name, contact details, and name of your academic institution/place of employment.

VENUE :: All Dialogue and Mapping Sessions will be held at Alserkal Avenue

DATE :: 10th 11th 14th 17th and 18th June 2017

Time :: 8pm – 10.30 pm

Workshop Poster ::




All images © ARCHITECTEM 2017

All quotes are K. Michael Hays, from “The Architectural Imagination”

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