Anything Butts at Milan Design Week: Design, technology and sustainability


As part of Design week in the historic neighbourhood of Duomo Milan, the courtyard of the 18th century Palazzo Clerici is hosting a pavilion by iQOS ™ cleverly titled ‘Anything Butts’. ARCHITECTEM explored the exhibit with its designers. Ayesha Sabri presents her account and details of the installation.


Philip Morris Italy and Miniwiz present the modular pavilion Anything Butts showcasing concepts of design, technological innovation and sustainability in an installation that pays homage to renowned Architect Cesare Leonardi – a prominent figure in contemporary design culture.



The structure is made of 100% organic and recycled materials, with an integrated lighting, sound and air purification system featuring an easy assembly and disassembly. This dynamic transformation of form is showcased by morphing the structure of the pavilion from a cube to other forms through a slow disintegration over the span of a week.


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The physical development of the installation was based on Heat-not-Burn iQOS ™ innovative technology, a system that heats tobacco instead of burning it, along with the expertise of Miniwiz, an engineering and design company founded by Architect Arthur Huang, whose mission is to transform post-consumer waste into extraordinary high performance materials. The process of recycling that Miniwiz has adopted ensures it is executed in the most sustainable manner, one that also improves the quality and aesthetics of the end product.

We make waste a financially and aesthetically desirable resource – Miniwiz


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The multifunctional structure consists of Plyfix ™ Tetrapod made from sheet-like felt products without the use of any adhesive. Johann Bödecker, the partner and project director of Miniwiz, explained how the modules were made with 100% recycled PET and recycled Polypropylene and have a sufficiently high structural strength, as proven by an image I was shown of one of his co-workers hanging from the structure (upside down at that for good humor). One of the Miniwiz engineers also demonstrated the simple method of attaching and detaching the modules with use of a single longitudinal tool along with the internal system of cables which support the lighting and sound system. The materials used for the modules are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Anything Butts by Miniwiz, Milan Design Week


Arthur Huang walked me through the iconic pieces at the pavilion by Cesare Leonardi, that were developed using the same advanced technology, from HeatSick recycling by iQOS – cartridges consisting of a mixture of fine tobaccos. He explained the similarities behind the design philosophy of Leonardi and his furniture that have been produced from a single sheet of material much like the tetrapods and the origin of his designed pieces beginning from a cube, as is also the pavilion.

Cesare leonardi Chairs – sequence of different solids

iQOS Embassy will be home to the Anything Butts project after the Milan Design Week, acting as an experiential space where, in an organised architectural environment, the adult smokers will have the opportunity to learn about the innovative tobacco product with no combustion. For the embassy, the modular structure, in addition to being a display solution also has a structural and functional role by providing artificial light and purification within the spaces.


Anything Butts by Miniwiz, Milan Design Week


The Fuori Salone Event Anything Butts is open from the 12th of April till the 17th of April at Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici, 5, Milano.

Visit Miniwiz for more information on their responsible and innovation design philosophy.




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