The Platform

ARCHITECTEM is a Dubai based Platform promoting Academic Architectural Dialogue in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.  

Engaged in Observing, Exploring, Communicating and Archiving.

ARCHITECTEM emerged from a relentless passion for Architecture and an acute need for an academic platform dedicated to the significant region of Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.  


\\ Dubai : : the Host

Dubai, propelled by its rapid urban growth has emerged as a centre for trade, innovations, and exchange not only at a regional but at an intercontinental scale. Cemented by its unwavering growth and commitment to international events the scale of Expo 2020, the vision of Dubai, the Global connector, is now a reality. A place where no superlative is large enough. Where boundaries of design, construction and imagination are constantly stretched and redefined. 


\\ The Platform : : the Connector

ARCHITECTEM is a product of this environment. One that supports and demands a contemporary academic platform connecting the region to a global audience. A platform that grows out of Dubai and manifests its role as a portal between East and West. Architecture is as much the identity of Dubai expressed in its iconic skyline, as Dubai the ideal host for the promotion of the academic discourse around Architecture.

We believe Architecture simultaneously implies

: : The Discipline and the Profession,

: : The Design and Production process

: : What is Designed, Produced and Constructed

: : Critical Thinking and Discourse around it, and

: : Social and Conceptual frameworks that Create, Affect and Catalyse experiences.

ARCHITECTEM aims to popularise this understanding of Architecture; a multi layered process and discipline with social and cultural impact.


\\ Portals and Programs

ARCHITECTEM functions within a framework of Portals and Programs. 

Portals* map events, disseminate academic content through posts on Social Media, Articles and Book Reviews.

*[InstagramWeblogTwitter, and Facebook]

The Instagram portal features a spectrum of curated content, serving as a visual and digital archive of projects, events and urban conditions. Trans disciplinary nature of the content, engages a broader audience within and outside the discipline.

Programs include Talks and discussion based events, Workshops, Guided Wanders and Summer Travel Sessions.

Dialogues and Narratives overlap within both Portals and Programs and become the centre of our activities. They take the form of essays, visual blogs, interviews, talks, and lectures. Rather than creating a physical mark or trace of interaction, Dialogues and Narratives present the opportunity for exchange to translate and evolve through indivudual experience, preserved through the agency of virtual archiving and collective memory.

Guided Walks, and Workshops further contribute to increasing architectural scholarship in the region. Architects are often associated with physical constructions when their most intimate involvement is often not with the manufactured product but with the creative process, research, analysis and employment of tools to investigate and represent concepts that aid in the final construction. We occupy this rich domain of the design process that becomes an incubator for inspiration, ideas, innovation and creativity. Our Walks and Workshops celebrate this pre-construction moment, a realm where observation, analysis, exploration and representational tools become the key instigators of the creative process,  find a voice, and an audience.


\\ Connected Architectural Histories : : Within the Region and beyond

Trade driven movement has for centuries dominated this vast regional geography, laying a history of exchange and assimilation of cultures, people and politics. Vernacular elements exported have set precedents for many western models of construction and expression. Proximity and movement has organically influenced a distinct architectural language of each territory strongly informed by social culture, climate, and traditions.


\\ We are interested in exploring —

: : The Language of Architecture **

: : Place identity, Connected histories, Separated geographies.

: : Archaeology of the contemporary city

: : Dissecting the Spatial, Formal, Social, and Cultural implications of Boundaries, Movement, Occupation and Exchange across Time, Space, Memory and History.   

: : Dynamics and Intersection of Private\Public, Local\Foreign, Analogue\Digital, Naturally Occuring\Fabricated Systems.


ARCHITECTEM works with Academic Institutions and across a framework of Collaborations to facilitate and develop Events and Programs to increase scholarship. 

Mentoring and Connecting our vast network of Students, with Professionals and Academics, we focus on activating an organic exchange between these primary sub sets of the Architecture community through our programs, workshops and digital content.  


Some of our activities and engagements include : :

\\ Research for Pavilions, Events, Publications, Firms and Organisations working on Architectural/Urban/Cultural Projects.

\\ Activating cross-disciplinary teams for Research.

\\ Developing workshops for organizations and students.

\\ Summer Studios with Academic Institutions.

\\ Dialogues and Lecture Series.

\\ Mapping Art and Design Events for Architects to navigate.


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** Terminology inspired by the book of the same name : :

Simitch, Andrea, and Val K. Warke. The language of architecture: 26 principles every architect should know. Beverly, MA: Rockport Publishers, 2014. Print.