Experience Music Project: Gehry’s homage to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Situated at the base of the world-renowned Space Needle, EMP Museum wraps around the historic Monorail of Seattle. The museum used to be known as Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (EMP|SFM). A nonprofit museum, dedicated to contemporary popular culture, EMP Museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000. Built in 1962 for the Seattle World’s Fair, the Monorail soars right through the center of Frank O. Gehry’s unique building, transporting visitors to and from Seattle Center and the city’s vibrant urban core. ARCHITECTEM San Francisco based Contributor Niveen Sayeed explores the exterior curvilinear metal cladding of this Seattle landmark through her lens. 

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Kuwait microNarrative : Souk Sharq

Not to find one’s way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one’s way in a city, as one loses one’s way in a forest, requires some schooling. Street names must speak to the urban wanderer like the snapping of dry twigs, and little streets in the heart of the city must reflect the times of day, for him, as clearly as a mountain valley. This art I acquired rather late in life; it fulfilled a dream, of which the first traces were labyrinths on the blotting papers in my school notebooks.

Walter Benjamin

Rafael Portilo, our Kuwait based contributor, on an ambulant exploration of Souk al Sharq corniche records his stroll in sepia toned images.

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2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the winning projects

The winners of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture were announced today in a ceremony in Abu Dhabi. The venue for the winners’ ceremony, the Al Jahili fort in Al-Ain, was also announced by His Excellency Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, Chairman of Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport and a member of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi.

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