SOM Munich Exhibition featuring Burj Khalifa

On view at Architekturgalerie München, ”The Engineering of Architecture” explores the research, design, and realization of cutting-edge structural engineering projects at SOM.​ The public exhibition is anchored around 20 skyscrapers designed for 10 cities around the globe, each modeled at 1:500 scale. Visitors tower next to SOM’s tallest buildings as they glimpse some of the firm’s most prolific and structurally complex projects.​

Guided by SOM structural engineers and model builders, a team of students from the Illinois Institute of Technology assembled each model by hand using museum board, laser cutters, and glue in the firm’s Chicago offices. Models were created without facades in order to reveal the unique structural framework of each building
Exhibition models include: Burj Khalifa, Dubai; Burj 2020, Dubai; Liansheng Financial Tower, Taiyuan, China; 7 South Dearborn, Chicago; Lotte Super Tower, Seoul; Nanning Wuxiang ASEAN Tower, Nanning, China; ​Willis Tower, Chicago; Guiyang World Trade Center, Guiyang, China; ​John Hancock Center, Chicago; CITIC Financial Centre, Shenzhen, China; Cayan Tower, Dubai; Tower Palace III, Seoul; Kingtown International Tower, Nanjing, China; Rural Commercial Bank Headquarters, Shenzhen, China; 100 Mount Street, Sydney; DeWitt Chestnut Apartments, Chicago; 111 Main Tower, Salt Lake City; Inland Steel Building, Chicago. Not pictured: Desert Crystal, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Aspire, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

View the exhibition slideshow here: SOM : The Engineering of Architecture

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