OMA lands in Dubai with Concrete


Earlier this week, OMA designed Concrete, opened its doors at Alserkal Avenue, in Dubai. A beautifully balanced symphony of monochrome textures, deep colors and translucent screens. Featuring circular ceiling tracks and movable panels – all elements to choreograph a dynamic space for performance and display. The inaugural exhibition, “Syria: Into the Light” showcased a collection based on the theme of ‘Portraits and Figures’.

ARCHITECTEM was at the opening reception, capturing details and embedded events within Concrete, its conversation with the art, the visitors and its context. 

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Art, Lines, Form and Space : : Zaha Hadid \ Serpentine Sackler Gallery

ARCHITECTEM visited the Serpentine exhibition of paintings and the rarely seen drawings of the pioneering and visionary architect Zaha Hadid. The exhibition is housed in the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, an extension completed in 2013 and one of Zaha Hadid Architects’ first permanent buildings in central London.

Drawing and painting were fundamental to Hadid’s practice. Influenced by Malevich, Tatlin and Rodchenko, she used calligraphic drawings as the main method for visualising her architectural ideas.

Mariam Husain captures Zaha’s work on paper, canvas and its physical context. The process and the spatial expression of Zaha’s investigations. Anything but a silent, still conversation between art, lines, forms and its witnesses.

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Graphic London: Of Doorways and Frames

ARCHITECTEM microNarrative Graphic London captured and curated by Mariam Hussain. Design vignettes, bold compositions, and graphic imagery that celebrate urban London are the focus of this visual series. An inventory of dynamic snapshots preserving an archive of everyday moments; streetscape as microcosm of the vibrant metropolis.

“Behind all seen things lies something vaster; everything is but a path, a portal or a window opening on something other than iteself. “

 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Wind, Sand and Stars)

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Graphic London: Visual Cornucopia

Second installment of Graphic London captured and curated by Mariam Hussain. Design vignettes, bold compositions, and graphic imagery that celebrate urban London are the focus of this visual series . An inventory of dynamic snapshots preserving a narrative of everyday moments; streetscape as microcosm of the vibrant metropolis.


Imagine a city where graffiti wasn’t illegal, a city where everybody could draw whatever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall – it’s wet.

― BanksyWall and Piece

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Experience Music Project: Gehry’s homage to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Situated at the base of the world-renowned Space Needle, EMP Museum wraps around the historic Monorail of Seattle. The museum used to be known as Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (EMP|SFM). A nonprofit museum, dedicated to contemporary popular culture, EMP Museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000. Built in 1962 for the Seattle World’s Fair, the Monorail soars right through the center of Frank O. Gehry’s unique building, transporting visitors to and from Seattle Center and the city’s vibrant urban core. ARCHITECTEM San Francisco based Contributor Niveen Sayeed explores the exterior curvilinear metal cladding of this Seattle landmark through her lens. 

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Kuwait microNarrative : Souk Sharq

Not to find one’s way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one’s way in a city, as one loses one’s way in a forest, requires some schooling. Street names must speak to the urban wanderer like the snapping of dry twigs, and little streets in the heart of the city must reflect the times of day, for him, as clearly as a mountain valley. This art I acquired rather late in life; it fulfilled a dream, of which the first traces were labyrinths on the blotting papers in my school notebooks.

Walter Benjamin

Rafael Portilo, our Kuwait based contributor, on an ambulant exploration of Souk al Sharq corniche records his stroll in sepia toned images.

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Graphic London: streetscape a microcosm of the vibrant metropolis

This is the first of a continuing series of posts, showcasing design vignettes, bold compositions, and graphic imagery that celebrate Urban London. An inventory of dynamic snapshots cataloging a narrative of everyday moments; streetscape a microcosm of the vibrant metropolis.


“It’s brilliant, you can’t ever get bored of London cos even if you live here for like a hundred and fifty years you still won’t ever know everything about it. There’s always something new. Like, you’re walking round somewhere you’ve known since you was born and you look up and there’s an old clock on the side of a building you never seen before, or there’s a little gargoyley face over a window or something. Don’t you think it’s cool?”

― Richard RiderNo Beginning, No End

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