Mapping Production : : ARCHITECTEM Summer Program

Architecture engages a culture’s deepest social values and expresses them in material, aesthetic form.


Mapping Production is a week long Program being held from 10th – 18th June 2017 at Alserkal Avenue. ARCHITECTEM is invested in delivering academically driven Programs to the architecture and design community with the aim of enriching the Architectural fabric of Dubai.

Drawing inspiration from Al Quoz, the Mapping Production Program is composed of two parts:

a.Dialogues Series, and

b. Mapping Workshop.

Mapping Production will be a ground for research, learning, networking and mentoring between academics and students from different architecture programs, and professionally practicing architects in the UAE. We are especially interested in the observations and dialogue that will arise within and from the workshop.

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OMA lands in Dubai with Concrete


Earlier this week, OMA designed Concrete, opened its doors at Alserkal Avenue, in Dubai. A beautifully balanced symphony of monochrome textures, deep colors and translucent screens. Featuring circular ceiling tracks and movable panels – all elements to choreograph a dynamic space for performance and display. The inaugural exhibition, “Syria: Into the Light” showcased a collection based on the theme of ‘Portraits and Figures’.

ARCHITECTEM was at the opening reception, capturing details and embedded events within Concrete, its conversation with the art, the visitors and its context. 

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Dialogue : : Killed by the Architects \ American University in Dubai

As part of ARCHITECTEM Programming focused on increasing scholarship in collaboration with academic institutions, Sara M. Anwar presented the first lecture of Killed by the Architects* series on Thursday, 16 th February 2017 at the School of Architecture Art and Design at the American University in Dubai

*This itinerant and iterant dialogue series evolves and is contextualised with every rendition. 

The Lecture derives it title from a message that appears in a gaming console. ‘Killed by the Architects’ is a reference to having lost a life in the game due to a ‘fall or the wall’. In other words, due to the designed conditions. Expanding on this understanding of Architecture as sequence of environments, the talk explores layers of experiences.

The architect after visiting a place, observing and recording it, can unfold it to another verbally, visually or by way of translation. Through the construct of Narratives, tracing the axis from the Duomo leading to Arco della Pace through Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the lecture investigates boundaries, events and dynamics activated by the discipline.

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Any form of augmentation of the individual intellect would immediately result in the augmentation of the collective one

The Dialogue between ARCHITECTEM and Yasser Elshestawy [Curator UAE National Pavilion for the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale and ARCHITECTEM Advisor] was an organic extension of our aim to activate Academic Architectural discourse within the UAE. The Dialogue took place on 8th October 2016, as part of the Nadi Al Quoz Speaker Series at Alserkal Avenue.

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Research, Content and Catalogue; Exhibition Report National Pavilion UAE 

This is the third in our series of essays covering the National Pavilion UAE la biennale di Venezia. The first presented an overview of Aravena’s theme for the biennale [Reporting from the Front] and the concept selected by curator Yasser Elshestawy for this year’s UAE exhibit [’Transformations: The Emirati National House’ – the Sha’bīyaa ]. The second took the form of a dialogue with Professor Elshestawy. In this essay, we navigate through the sequential layout of the exhibit paired with visuals of the spaces and look deeper into the Exhibition Catalogue as a document of exhaustive research and a valuable academic resource.

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Dialogue:  Yasser Elshestawy Curator the National Pavilion UAE Biennale di Venezia 

The 15th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia opened last month and saw the world converge on the floating city. The Biennale continues till November hosting pavilions responding to Alejandro Aravena’s curatorial proposal “Reporting from the front”. Aravena in his brief called for projects that are “looking for new fields of action, facing issues like segregation, inequalities, peripheries, access to sanitation, natural disasters, housing shortage, migration, informality, crime, traffic, waste, pollution and the participation of communities.” While most pavilion’s featured recent or proposed projects in response to this call for architectures that are responsible and responsive, the National Pavilion of UAE chose to look at the past.

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Discover, Listen, Reflect : Art Dubai 2016 hosting Global Art Forum


Art Dubai 2016 commenced today, hailing the Fair into its 10th year. A decade young the fair has matured beyond its age bringing a truly Global Event to the region. The Art is divided and showcased in different designated spaces for Modern, Contemporary, Commissioned and Sponsored projects. The energy and vibe generated by the work on display, exhibitors, and visitors of the fair is a special one on one equation, leaving no space for selections or shortlists. Simply best experienced via a sensory wander (preferably in comfortable footwear) through the expanse of the curated spaces of Madinat Jumeirah where the fair will be open to the public from March 17-19. We have collected a few frames forming the narrative of our experience, as a glimpse into what the fair holds to be experienced and discovered.

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What not to miss: Design Days Dubai 2016


Design Days Dubai is one of the leading design fairs in the Middle East dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects. Along with featuring international designers, galleries, and upcoming designers from around the world it also presents a series of workshops, installations and talks. ARCHITECTEM was at the VIP opening today and we have rounded up a short list of not to be missed highlights of the fair:

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Curated Collective Memories: ‘1980-Today: Exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates

Art and culture hold intrinsic value by shining light on the past making us who we are and invoking emotional states not independently possible. The expression of art and culture is one we often take for granted as something occuring naturally in a society – in reality their production is supported diligently by a single source of authority or a group of individuals, for us to discover by way of curiosity or serendipitously.

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