Dialogue : : Killed by the Architects : : Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture \ Karachi

As part of ARCHITECTEM Programming focused on increasing scholarship in collaboration with academic institutions, Sara M. Anwar presented the second lecture of Killed by the Architects* series on 27th February 2017 at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan. The first lecture was held at the American University in Dubai. 

*This itinerant and iterant dialogue series evolves and is contextualised with every rendition. 

The Lecture derives it title from a message that appears in a gaming console. ‘Killed by the Architects’ is a reference to having lost a life in the game due to a ‘fall or the wall’. In other words, due to the designed conditions. Expanding on this understanding of Architecture as sequence of environments, the talk explores layers of experiences.

The architect after visiting a place, observing and recording it, can unfold it to another verbally, visually or by way of translation. Through the construct of Narratives, the lecture investigates boundaries, events and dynamics activated by the discipline. For this iteration, slides from the local context of Karachi punctuate the existing narrative traveling the axis from the Duomo to Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Stories of the rhythms of resilience start a dialogue with the politics of order and the gaze.

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