MoMa: Young Frank Architect – whimsical investigations and Architecture

The MoMA publications program has been an integral part of the museum’s mission since it’s founding. Producing countless exceptional works in several languages including catalogs and scholarly texts recording amongst others subjects, works of artists, architects and critics. On the occasion of world book day , we would like to showcase the first from it’s illustrated children’s book collection and one of our favourites.

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Young Frank, Architect, MoMA’s first storybook for kids follows the adventures of Young Frank, a resourceful young architect who lives in New York City with his grandfather, Old Frank, who is also an architect. Young Frank sees creative possibilities everywhere, and likes to use anything he can get his hands on—macaroni, old boxes, spoons, and sometimes even his dog, Eddie—to creates things like chairs out of toilet paper rolls and twisting skyscrapers made up of his grandfather’s books. But Old Frank is skeptical; he doesn’t think that’s how REAL architects make things.

One day, donning matching bow ties, straw boater hats, and Le Corbusier-inspired glasses, they visit The Museum of Modern Art, where they see the work of renowned architects like Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright. And they learn that real architects do in fact create wiggly chairs, twisty towers, and even entire cities. Inspired by what they see, Young Frank and Old Frank return home to build structures of every shape and size: “tall ones, fat ones, round ones, and one made from chocolate chip cookies.” Hannah Kim

The perfect gift to encourage creativity in young adults and a comforting reminder that whimsical investigations and expression is a very serious part of an Architects process.

The book can be purchased at the MoMA online store

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